The number of stressed and depressed people in America is on the rise. Statistics said that around 8.3 million American adults suffer from serious psychological distress. Some of these people are unable to get the help they need.

Experts attributed this phenomenon to the Great Recession in 2007 that has caused long term damages to the psychological health of most Americans making them feel a general sense of helplessness. People may feel helpless when they cannot afford the things they want, or worse, cannot afford to avail of treatment for their condition.

“Mental illness is on the rise. Suicide is on the rise. And access to care for the mentally ill is getting worse,” according to lead researcher Judith Weissman who is also the research manager in the department of medicine at NYU Langone Medical Center in New York City.

No wonder Americans are taking refuge as a cure-all drug especially in coping with stress and surviving the modern day’s tribulations.  Harsh realities stressed Americans making them suffer from ‘ economic anxiety, political anxiety, social media overload, neuro existentialism, and plain old FOMO. But well, life goes on. And with a strong will, optimism and the appropriate CBD product for you, you can surely pass through these hurdles.

In a recent survey, more and more Americans have opened their doors to CBD with some 86% aware of it. Awareness, however, does not equate actual use as it was found that fewer than 20% have tried CBD, with a slim 7% of the respondents who are taking it regularly.

CBD is available in a lot of forms that suit your style and needs. Vapes, CBD oils, and balms have been in the market for quite a while now, and according to a San Francisco-based cannabis delivery platform, these products have gained a warm welcome from the public. The platform claimed that its sales for CBD have doubled from previous years.

The survey explored on various reasons why CBD users like CBD. Statistics said that 55% of CBD users claimed that they took the substances when they were stressed and were looking for anxiety relief.

CBD’s anti-stress, pro-relaxation capabilities have been the subject of a lot of studies.  Scientists attributed this to CBD’s ability to bind with the body’s naturally-occurring endocannabinoids. When this happens, CBD can influence the individuals’ mood, appetite, and feelings of happiness. In most cases, CBD helped patients improve their appetite and making them fight depression by influencing the brain’s ability to produce happy hormones, dopamine, and Andamadide.

Then again, these studies are still tested on animals and need more follow-ups. Despite scanty evidence, over 80% of Americans still support the use of CBD. Some 56% of them even used CBD to replace prescription pain killers.

A source interviewed  42-year old New York resident, Cory Gleichenhaus, and an owner of a CBD American Shaman store in Delray Beach Florida. During the interview, he shared about how CBD made his clients happy, and why he personally like CBD.

Cory claimed that lots of senior citizens have flocked in his stores to buy CBD. They, in turn, promote the product through word-of-mouth convincing other seniors to buy CBD products in his store.

One customer who benefited from CBD is a lady in her 50s suffering from Parkinson’s disease. After taking a stronger product ‘Equine’, this customer claimed that her tremors decreased.

Another customer, a teenager suffering from anxiety and Tourette’s Syndrome, claimed that CBD helps him control his Tourette’s tics and reduced his anxiety.  

He also shared about the wonders of CBD in relieving his post-surgery pain. “When I had surgery on my knee, I never even filled the painkiller prescription,” he said further saying that CBD has less risk of addiction.

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