Mother’s Day is coming up. It’s time to show our mothers the care, admiration and recognition she deserves after all the sacrifices and hard work she did for us. In this special day, we may want to treat our moms with these extraordinary, relaxing, therapeutic CBD-products. Giving her a break from chores at home, or treating her to dinner are not enough! But gifting her with CBD products she can use for a long time may complete the whole plan.

CBD is a hot trend that has invaded the beauty and wellness industry for its potent non-inflammatory and relaxation benefits. And thus, there’s no doubt that CBD products will make great holiday gifts for our loved ones.

Since the enactment of Farm Bill 2018 in December last year, CBD products have dominated the market–from coffee beans, food, balms, beauty products, and skincare. They can now be bought in giant drugstore chains such as Walgreens and CVS. Gifting CBD products to your mom on Mother’s Day is also like introducing her to this wonderful world of elixirs. Just make sure to check your state’s regulations regarding the proper way of shopping CBD online and in physical stores.

Here are five CBD gift ideas for your mom this Mother’s Day. These gifts may also please your close gal friends who may is busy keeping a family.

Electric Moon Oil Blend

Make this oil roller ball an essential in your friend’s purse as it will help her in stressful and bad days. Let her unwind with the citrus blend infused with 200 mg of CBD isolate reminiscent of that refreshing summer weather to light her up even in the darkest days.

This is 100% vegan and cruelty-free and contains no THC. You can also choose from other scents–grapefruit, orange, rosemary, peppermint, and cinnamon.

Peachy Dreams CBD Ginger Peach Tea

What a great way to end the day with a refreshing cup of tea! Well, the Peachy Dreams CBD Ginger Peach Tea is more than just tea. It is CBD-infused tea which means every cup is filled with extra relaxing and warming effects that one can enjoy while on a break or ending a day. Peachy Dream’s tea leaves are carefully picked from Nilgiri Region of India with each bag containing 130 MG of active CBD. Its manufacturers also guarantee that each particle is broken down properly to ensure a higher absorption rate.

Each cup of tea contains aromatic hints of fruit and spices. And 1 tablespoon of Peachy Dreams tea is more than enough to unravel your deepest yearning for peace and relaxation.

Life Elements Bath Bomb Bundle

Bath Bombs is one of the most in-demand CBD product in the self-care industry. Let your mom forget about the day’s care and be rejuvenated in the anti-inflammatory goodness of water-soluble, full spectrum CBD. Let her feel blessed and happy with a smile of relief on her face as she savors the moment in the silky water of these aromatic, skin-softening CBD Bath Bombs.

The CBD Bath Bombs is good for skincare use in treating dry skin, acne breakouts, eczema, and psoriasis. It is also effective for sore muscles, inflammation, and stress.

Jacquie Aiche x We Are Leone Kimono

This comfortable, silky kimono has a Sweet Leaf tribe motif on the back–a perfect robe for that most-anticipated spa day with buffs or with one’s hubby at home.  The cannabis emblem at the back will remind your friend to stay cool and relaxed.

Lord Jones Limited Edition Mother’s Day Gumdrops

These luscious apricot gummies are guaranteed to deliver a calm sense and well-being with the delicate tart flavor and sweetness of apricot with a hint of rose for a delightful sensation in the palate. And, they are elegantly-wrapped in a limited edition rose-colored box capped with a handmade paper flower corsage so you don’t have to pay extra on the gift wrap.