Americans are Stressed and Turning to CBD


The number of stressed and depressed people in America is on the rise. Statistics said that around 8.3 million American adults suffer from serious psychological distress. Some of these people are unable to get the help they need.

Experts attributed this phenomenon to the Great Recession in 2007 that has caused long term damages to the psychological health of most Americans making them feel a general sense of helplessness. People may feel helpless when they cannot afford the things they want, or worse, cannot afford to avail of treatment for their condition.

“Mental illness is on the rise. Suicide is on the rise. And access to care for the mentally ill is getting worse,” according to lead researcher Judith Weissman who is also the research manager in the department of medicine at NYU Langone Medical Center in New York City.

No wonder Americans are taking refuge as a cure-all drug especially in coping with stress and surviving the modern day’s tribulations.  Harsh realities stressed Americans making them suffer from ‘ economic anxiety, political anxiety, social media overload, neuro existentialism, and plain old FOMO. But well, life goes on. And with a strong will, optimism and the appropriate CBD product for you, you can surely pass through these hurdles.

In a recent survey, more and more Americans have opened their doors to CBD with some 86% aware of it. Awareness, however, does not equate actual use as it was found that fewer than 20% have tried CBD, with a slim 7% of the respondents who are taking it regularly.

CBD is available in a lot of forms that suit your style and needs. Vapes, CBD oils, and balms have been in the market for quite a while now, and according to a San Francisco-based cannabis delivery platform, these products have gained a warm welcome from the public. The platform claimed that its sales for CBD have doubled from previous years.

The survey explored on various reasons why CBD users like CBD. Statistics said that 55% of CBD users claimed that they took the substances when they were stressed and were looking for anxiety relief.

CBD’s anti-stress, pro-relaxation capabilities have been the subject of a lot of studies.  Scientists attributed this to CBD’s ability to bind with the body’s naturally-occurring endocannabinoids. When this happens, CBD can influence the individuals’ mood, appetite, and feelings of happiness. In most cases, CBD helped patients improve their appetite and making them fight depression by influencing the brain’s ability to produce happy hormones, dopamine, and Andamadide.

Then again, these studies are still tested on animals and need more follow-ups. Despite scanty evidence, over 80% of Americans still support the use of CBD. Some 56% of them even used CBD to replace prescription pain killers.

A source interviewed  42-year old New York resident, Cory Gleichenhaus, and an owner of a CBD American Shaman store in Delray Beach Florida. During the interview, he shared about how CBD made his clients happy, and why he personally like CBD.

Cory claimed that lots of senior citizens have flocked in his stores to buy CBD. They, in turn, promote the product through word-of-mouth convincing other seniors to buy CBD products in his store.

One customer who benefited from CBD is a lady in her 50s suffering from Parkinson’s disease. After taking a stronger product ‘Equine’, this customer claimed that her tremors decreased.

Another customer, a teenager suffering from anxiety and Tourette’s Syndrome, claimed that CBD helps him control his Tourette’s tics and reduced his anxiety.  

He also shared about the wonders of CBD in relieving his post-surgery pain. “When I had surgery on my knee, I never even filled the painkiller prescription,” he said further saying that CBD has less risk of addiction.

5 Best CBD Oils for Dogs


CBD oil for dogs is one of the most controversial product nowadays. Skeptics may ask, is it even effective? Is there CBD oil for dogs?

The American Kennel Club acknowledged the anecdotal evidence from dog owners who claimed that CBD had successfully treated pain, particularly neuropathic pain. The substance also helped in decreasing seizures. An expert further elaborated that the substance is lauded for its anti-inflammatory properties, cardiac benefits, anti-nausea effects, appetite stimulation, anti-anxiety impact, and for possible anti-cancer benefits. These, however, remained anecdotes for now with the absence of a definitive scientific data on CBD’s effectiveness for dogs.

These may not remain anecdotes any longer as the AKC Canine Health Foundation (CHF) has sponsored a study in partnership with the Colorado State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences evaluating the substance in treatment-resistant epileptic dogs in hopes that the drugs can be an alternative, scientific cure for them. 

In terms of CBD products, CBD oils for pets are one of the most in-demand. Because CBD oil has been found to be effective among humans for centuries now, experts and dog owners also would like to try the substance among their pets. Here are the five best CBD oil for your pets worthy to be considered.

NuLeaf Naturals Pet CBD Oil

NuLeaf Naturals are both good for dogs, cats, and other four-legged animals as it is safe with the absence of additives or preservatives. It is grown and extracted naturally from organically-grown hemp plants without chemical fertilizers. It underwent careful extraction using C02, an effective method in preserving the full spectrum of cannabinoids without the application of heat or solvents.

cbdMD Pet CBD Oil

Considered as a Best Value pick, this CBD oil for pets non-GMO, gluten-free and completely vegan. One can assure that your dogs are taking only organic and non-violent components from this product. It comes from an all-organic substance like all-natural ingredients like eggs, honey, and steel-cut oats. The product is available in packs of 30 in 150mg, 300mg, and 750mg concentrations, and can be bought at reasonable prices.

CBDistillery Pet Tincture

CBD tinctures are not just for humans, there are also ones for pets. And what’s more, this product is made from organic hemp that was exposed to natural elements and without the use of pesticides. Its cold-pressed method of extraction also guarantees that manufacturing this product did not involve any harmful solvents.

Natures Script Hemp Pet Oil

The range of oil flavors and strengths would make this a good CBD treat for your dogs. Your dog will surely enjoy its beef or chicken flavor. This product, however, has some weakness as its flavors may delay the effects of CBD.

To effectively use this product, you have to consider the size of your dog and its needs. It comes with a chart explaining the right concentrations and lists of dosages for different uses.

Pet Releaf

Pet Releaf offers a full-spectrum CBD hemp oil that comes in more condensed concentrations perfect for both cats and dogs. It is guaranteed to be grown in the largest USDA-certified organic hemp farm in the United States following the standard CO2 extraction to pave way for the ‘entourage effect.’

To shop for CBD oil products, buy products from a pet-exclusive supplement manufacturer/supplier. This can increase the possibility that its products are authentic. The cultivation method also matters, and also go for CBD oils that come from organically-grown hemp without pesticides and fertilizers. Products that have an ‘entourage effect’ may also be more effective as this means that the CBD comes with other substances like terpenes that can create a stronger effect.

5 Health Issues That May be Solved By CBD


Everybody is excited about the possibilities of CBD. Supported by anecdotal evidences, CBD has given hope to a lot of people. Since the enactment of the 2018 Farm Bill, CBD has been removed from the list of prohibited substances. Vapes, CBD oils, lozenges, sleeping pills and tablets are just some of the CBD products that have caught the public eye. More and more drugstore chains have also jumped on the bandwagon and started to display CBD products in their shelves.

What ailments can be solved by CBD? Here are five of them.

Natural pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties

Traditionally, we seek refuge in over-the-counter drugs to alleviate stiffness and chronic pain. An editor once said that she used a topical product, a pungent balm to relax stiff upper back and shoulder muscles that remained motionless while sleeping. Stiff muscles made work cumbersome, and the pungent balm gave out this noticeable smell that her coworkers noticed the following day. But with CBD, particularly the Curaleaf Hemp Transdermal patches, she experienced a relief in her muscles without any pungent smell.

Well, this is not just an anecdote as CBD’s pain relief properties are backed by research.

Discomfort after quitting smoking and drug withdrawals

Making life-changing decisions like quitting smoking and drug withdrawals can be a tedious path. And for sure, the journey will never be easy as patients may experience unwarranted anxiety, cravings for nicotine and chills. This, however, is not a problem anymore as CBD may help people quit smoking. In another study, it was found that CBD successfully reduced symptoms associated with substance use like anxiety, mood-related symptoms, pain, and insomnia.

In terms of anxiety, some claimed that ingesting 1-2 services (1 serving = ¼ dropper, or about 17 mg) once or twice a day can curb anxiety and made users calmer and more focused at work. It also helped them sleep peacefully.

Skin Issues

Yes, there are CBD products in the market that can address common skin issues. The Kana Skincare lavender sleep mask, for example, is every woman’s dream cream with its nice fragrance and delicate feel. This is especially perfect for those who have sensitive skin that is prone to acne.

Together with other supplements for the skin like retinol and Vitamin C, CBD is also eyed as one of the components of better anti-aging creams in the future.

Fighting Cancer

CBD naturally binds with the body’s natural endocannabinoids and alter the functions of hormones and changes the mood of a person to a more positive direction. This makes CBD a good substance for reviving cancer patients in terms of alleviating pains after chemotherapy and improving appetite. Also, it was found out that the compound help suppresses the growth of cancer cells and promote their destruction.


Previous studies confirmed that CBD product Epidiolex can decrease epileptic seizures. Among CBD products, Epidiolex is the only one that received FDA approval. The drug can specifically cure two types of epilepsy named Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (LGS) and Dravet syndrome (DS).

Currently, CBD has received a warm welcome from over 50 states in the US who already have laws legalizing CBD but with varying degrees of restriction. Research on CBD started in December 2015 with FDA loosening regulatory requirements for the trials. To date, CBD can be purchased online even without a medical cannabis license. The legalities concerning CBD might still be a bit confusing for now, but prohibiting the substance entirely is also difficult.

In using CBD, one must also consider its possible side effects which may include: nausea, fatigue, and irritability.

Why Carl’s Jr. CBD Burger Could be a Flop


Much has been anticipated for the coming weed holiday on the 20th of April. One of these is the controversial, attention-grabbing Carl’s Jr. Rocky Mountain High burger. This cheeseburger is said to consist of two beef patties, topped with pickled jalapeños, pepper jack cheese, fries and its very own CBD-infused Santa Fe Sauce. When pushed through, this wonder burger would make Carl’s Jr the first ever major fast-food chain to add CBD on its menu.

Patty Trevino, senior vice president of brand marketing for Carl’s Jr., said in an interview that this is not just an attention-grabbing, public stunt as the fast food chain is really considering putting the CBD-infused burger in the menu permanently.

“It is something that feels right for the brand. We are all about innovation,” she said.

With all these CBD products in the market and the promise of more in the pipeline, the public is getting curious as to how it feels like to ingest CBD. The non-psychoactive chemical has been famous for its anti-inflammatory, relaxing benefits used in various products like gummies, lozenges, vapes, oils and even beauty products. But what else is to expect in Carl’s Jr Rocky Mountain High burger.

Because of its non-psychoactive characteristic, CBD will not give you a high like what tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, the compound in marijuana does. And thus, a source advised the public to manage their expectations as this cheeseburger will not get you ‘blazed off.’ Bad news, isn’t it! On the other hand, the CBD in wonder cheeseburger may promote relaxation, relieves the stress and eases the pain of customer who want to seek solace in Carl’s Jr. after a long day at work. If you also happen to feel paranoid, anxious or stones due to the numerous responsibilities at work or in your relationships, hanging out at Carl’s Jr and savoring the taste of Rocky Mountain High might be the solution that you need.

Another source reckoned that the 5mg of CBD in this product may not give you that much-anticipated calmness and relaxation. In fact, manufacturers recommend that one must start with a higher dose to feel its effect. CBD on food may also become negligible and useless. This is how it happens. When ingested through a CBD-infused burger or smoothie, the substance will stay in the fat of the digestive system, instead of going to the brain and binding with your endocannabinoids to produce that soothing and calming effect. The complex processes in our digestive system will slow down the processing of CBD and thus the effect may be delayed or may not be felt at all.

To assure that CBD will bind immediately to your cannabinoids, try CBD vapes instead, or CBD oil taken under the tongue. These methods will allow CBD to hit your bloodstream directly. In general, researchers claimed that ingested CBD is less efficient and effective. The amount of CBD also matters, and to reduce anxiety, one must need to consume the effective dose of 300 mg. There also varying CBD dosage requirements in treating various types of diseases in terms of its severity.  For sleeping disorders, one needs a dose starting from 40 mg to 150 mg before bed. For cancer patients, 2.5 mg of THC may be needed to revive their appetite.

Anyhow, if the marketing campaigns for Carl’s Jr Rocky Mountain High got you curious, go ahead! Satiate your appetite as well as your curiosity. Rocky Mountain High will be available at $4.20 (which stands for April 20, 4/20) on Saturday this week. Go to Carl’s Jr restaurant located at 4050 Colorado Blvd. in Denver and bring some friends who may want to compare impressions and reviews with you about this first ever CBD-infused burger.

Carl’s Jr. starts serving CBD-infused burgers


Cannabis products are the latest craze in the market with its plethora of benefits and potential. With this, Carl’s Jr. wants to get on the trend and wants to test out on a cannabis-infused burger to be served in the restaurant on April 20.

A source said that the Rocky Mountain High Carl’s Jr. will start serving CBD-infused burgers.

The restaurant will be serving the burgers only on that day and may continue serving them if it is well-received by the public. This is contrary to beliefs that serving CBD burgers for one day may be a stunt. But according to Patty Trevino, senior vice president of brand marketing for Carl’s Jr., these burgers could have a permanent menu in the future.

“It is something that feels right for the brand. We are all about innovation,” she said in an interview.

Consumers are always trying out new flavors and seeking new products that can give them a new experience. With CBD and its health benefits, customers may get interested in it when infused in burgers. Imagine enjoying your favorite burger and enjoying the anti-inflammatory and relaxation benefits of CBD at the same time. 

Carl’s is particularly targeting younger customers who are characterized with much open-mindedness and adventure in their palate with the addition of the CBD-infused burgers, and called them as ‘future Carl’s Jr. customers’.

“They are more open to different flavors of products,” he said during the interview.

It was in January this year the food chain hinted that they will be experimenting on a plant-based alternative to its signature burger. The experiment is said to take place in partnership with Beyond Meat. Months after dropping the information, the restaurant chain finally made it a reality.

“I was sitting down with our head chef Owen Klein, and we were talking about trends. We looked at ourselves and said, you know what, let’s try,” he said further saying that they came up with a checklist including CBD-infused food options.

Carl’s Jr’s plan to showcase CBD-infused burgers on the 20th this month came amidst massive crackdowns initiated by the Los Angeles and New York authorities who strongly prohibit CBD-infused food and drinks. Restaurant  However, these crackdowns will be suspended for a while for the April 20 marijuana holiday.

In compliance with current FDA regulations, these restaurants will only be given a ‘grace period’ of selling cannabis-infused products only until July 1. This rule has been stated in a December 2018 notice from the health department.

Authorities have reportedly seized and embargoed cannabis products worth thousands of dollars since February this month, a move which is too early before the deadline of the grace period. Other crackdowns were also performed in states like Ohio, Maine, and Georgia in compliance with federal standards.

Meanwhile, a source documented twelve, cozy hangout spots and restaurants in the US that served CBD-infused food and drinks.

For example, the family-friendly pub in Portland Ankeny Tap & Table served a locally produced CBD hemp-infused beer named Two Flowers IPA.

Vegan restaurant, Chloe also stole the spotlight with its CBD-infused sweets, including brownies, cookies, and a rice crispy treat.

The James Hotel in Manhattan also included a CBD menu which includes a gorgonzola and pear salad, spicy meatballs, and an olive tapenade duo served with bread crisps. You can finish the sumptuous meal with their CBD-infused ice cream sundae.

Koku restaurant in New York also serves a delightful Zen bowl, which includes blueberries, coconut chips, and CBD-infused cacao toppings. This healthy dessert is said to help curb anxiety, pain, and inflammation while enjoying its great taste.

The Burlington, Vermont restaurant and pastry shop, Monarch & The Milkweed also got famous with its deliciously sweet line of CBD-infused chocolates and truffles, including the Little Chocolate Smoke Toke. Want to make your coffee stronger? Try their line of CBD-infused simple syrups for your coffee drink.

CBD for Wellness Market Growing Fast


Modern-day pressure may cause individuals to panic, feel depressed and anxious about the future. A study said that there are eight in 10 Americans who are afflicted by stress. And thus, no wonder, that CBD received a warm welcome from Americans of all walks of life. This is the very reason why CBD received a warm welcome from Americans of all walks of life–because of its healing, anti-inflammatory, and relaxing properties.

According to a study, cannabis users buy cannabis products for three major reasons:  for relaxation, stress relief and to reduce anxiety. Others want to improve sleeping patterns, other health problems, or simply to enjoy the experience and to join the media hype.

There is only one thing that the survey wants to say: Because they are stressed and anxious, Americans turn to CBD for wellness and better health. This is why the wellness and industry are growing super fast in that more and more companies jump in the wagon as they showcase their own line of CBD wellness and beauty products.

“Cannabis and other alternative wellness products today resemble the tech industry 25 years ago. The opportunities are broad and consumer adoption is expanding rapidly. We currently operate in California and Nevada, two states at the forefront of adoption and demonstrable growth. This makes perfect sense for the company to pivot product offerings given the positive regulatory environment and our existing assets, ”Michael Flanagan, newly appointed CEO of BoxScore Brands, stated.

BoxScore Brands, Inc. (OTC: BOXS) is a developer and distributor of cannabis and cannabis-related products in North America. It has recently announced that it will take a new direction of opportunities focused on CBD and other wellness products.

BoxScore Brands is just one of the companies joining the trend. Other companies Canopy Rivers Inc. (TSXV: RIV) (OTC: CNPOF) also invested in the industry. Canopy Rivers Inc. (TSXV: RIV) (OTC: CNPOF), for example, invested an estimate of US$2.5 million of shares in High Beauty. Ovation Science Inc. (CSE: OVAT) (OTC: OVATF) is also busy in the launching of its new topical skincare product line infused with hemp-derived CBD called ARLO Beauty. iAnthus Capital Holdings, Inc. (CSE: IAN) (OTCQX: ITHUF), meanwhile, came up with an agreement with Urban Outfitters to launch the CBD for Life products in select Urban Outfitters stores later this month. 

It is estimated that the cannabis and CBD trend will be compounded at $16 billion by 2025. One of the factors that may have caused this boom is the growing consumer awareness with at least 25 million US adult consumers expected by 2025. This statistics is just a rough estimate of what could become a giant industry in the future.

In Cowen’s January consumer survey, it was found that among 2,500 adults, 6.9 percent of them use CBD as a supplement.  Most of the consumers have ages between 18 to 34. Products that are highly used include tinctures (liquid extracts) (44%), topicals (26%), capsules (22%) and beverages at (19%).

“This initial response piqued our interest considerably, as it was much higher than we would have suspected,” the researchers stated.

Meanwhile, Europe’s cannabis and cannabidiol (CBD) markets are also expected to grow in leaps and bounds in the next few years–the weed sector at 2400% and CBD at 400% by 2023. The CBD market in Europe is expected to rise to $416 million in 2019 and nearly $1.7bn by 2023.

This growth is attributed to the support of global health and government authorities like the UN, and the European Union’s Novel Foods Act (health and safety regulations). Their approval will open the gates for more business opportunities for CBD “eventually permitting for CBD to be sold like other ingestible products on the mainstream market.”

The second reason would be Europeans’ “tremendous spending power” and the locals’ dream to seek alternatives to tobacco and pharmaceutical use

Is There a Perfect CBD Dosage?


CBD has been marketed as being a cure-all, miracle drug that can be used even by dogs and other pets. This all-encompassing idea may make some of us fidget and wonder how much CBD is healthy, and how much can cause an overdose.

Currently, in-depth knowledge of CBD being a therapeutic, healing substance is still in its infancy. And, the concept of dosing schedules and appropriate dosage have just been started by medical professionals.

Two things may be brought up by your physician if you ask for the right dosage of CBD. First, your doctor may most likely just recommend, not prescribe cannabinoids as technically, CBD has no recommended daily allowance (RDA), and the universal dose for different cases have not been established yet. In their med student days, these doctors may be in medical schools that never cover CBD/cannabidiol therapy in their pharma courses and thus may only have scant knowledge about the substance.

The fact that everyone is different in terms of variables like weight, diet, metabolism, genetics, environment among other factors makes it harder for CBD manufacturers to come up with a universally prescribed dosage. For now, the best practice is to start taking Cannabidiol in small dosages, then gradually increase it until they experienced the desired results. This, of course, is very ambiguous as one’s person’s tolerance may differ from the rest!

To pacify growing concerns over the right dose of CBD, some have developed the so-called CBD Dosage Calculator found online. Some also make use of charts provided by online expert health websites like Mayo Clinic.

Is it possible to overdose on CBD? Most unlikely. A source said that the possibility of an overdose is not entirely possible but extremely unlikely. To give us a rough idea on how much CBD should be taken to overdose, just imagine that an average 180lb male would need 33 tablespoons of CBD for an overdose to occur. To date, the recommended dosage of CBD is from 1/8 of a teaspoon to two tablespoons, thus this amount is far from what can cause an overdose.

As to how to use the CBD calculator, you need to provide these pieces of information: method of ingesting CBD; the properties of CBD product; the patient’s internal factors such as weight, metabolism rate, diet among others.

You can take advantage of publicly available CBD calculators that can help you anytime. Farma Health is an easy calculator and takes into account the intended use and brand differences among other factors. They might also give you a recommended dosage instead. ID weeds offer two types of calculators: one that converts the percentage of CBD within a given package or bottle to the milligrams of CBD within said package and one that calculates the total milligrams (or drops) required for the desired CBD dose. It also provides a wide list of medical conditions with their corresponding dosages for CBD. CBD Oil Users, on the other hand, will calculate the amount of CBD within a given drop, as well as the number of drops required within a CBD oil to achieve the desired dosage.

CBD is different from THC, that’s for sure! And thus, there is no need to worry for an overdose, or a certain amount may start causing you a ‘high.’ CBD is safe to use as it does not contain harmful chemicals and contaminants. It also went through rigorous testing. Working up to the right dose may start as an experiment as one person’s dosage may not be applicable to the other, and thus finding one’s own ideal dose may take time and patience to feel the desired results.

The desired effect may also depend on the type of CBD product used. In general, CBD oils give the quickest relief (around 5-20 minutes). Edibles, on the other hand, may take some time before CBD and other nutrients will be ingested and processed in the bloodstream. Topicals applied to target areas may also give immediate relief to affected areas.

Top 5 CBD Products Perfect For Mother’s Day Self-Care


Mother’s Day is coming up. It’s time to show our mothers the care, admiration and recognition she deserves after all the sacrifices and hard work she did for us. In this special day, we may want to treat our moms with these extraordinary, relaxing, therapeutic CBD-products. Giving her a break from chores at home, or treating her to dinner are not enough! But gifting her with CBD products she can use for a long time may complete the whole plan.

CBD is a hot trend that has invaded the beauty and wellness industry for its potent non-inflammatory and relaxation benefits. And thus, there’s no doubt that CBD products will make great holiday gifts for our loved ones.

Since the enactment of Farm Bill 2018 in December last year, CBD products have dominated the market–from coffee beans, food, balms, beauty products, and skincare. They can now be bought in giant drugstore chains such as Walgreens and CVS. Gifting CBD products to your mom on Mother’s Day is also like introducing her to this wonderful world of elixirs. Just make sure to check your state’s regulations regarding the proper way of shopping CBD online and in physical stores.

Here are five CBD gift ideas for your mom this Mother’s Day. These gifts may also please your close gal friends who may is busy keeping a family.

Electric Moon Oil Blend

Make this oil roller ball an essential in your friend’s purse as it will help her in stressful and bad days. Let her unwind with the citrus blend infused with 200 mg of CBD isolate reminiscent of that refreshing summer weather to light her up even in the darkest days.

This is 100% vegan and cruelty-free and contains no THC. You can also choose from other scents–grapefruit, orange, rosemary, peppermint, and cinnamon.

Peachy Dreams CBD Ginger Peach Tea

What a great way to end the day with a refreshing cup of tea! Well, the Peachy Dreams CBD Ginger Peach Tea is more than just tea. It is CBD-infused tea which means every cup is filled with extra relaxing and warming effects that one can enjoy while on a break or ending a day. Peachy Dream’s tea leaves are carefully picked from Nilgiri Region of India with each bag containing 130 MG of active CBD. Its manufacturers also guarantee that each particle is broken down properly to ensure a higher absorption rate.

Each cup of tea contains aromatic hints of fruit and spices. And 1 tablespoon of Peachy Dreams tea is more than enough to unravel your deepest yearning for peace and relaxation.

Life Elements Bath Bomb Bundle

Bath Bombs is one of the most in-demand CBD product in the self-care industry. Let your mom forget about the day’s care and be rejuvenated in the anti-inflammatory goodness of water-soluble, full spectrum CBD. Let her feel blessed and happy with a smile of relief on her face as she savors the moment in the silky water of these aromatic, skin-softening CBD Bath Bombs.

The CBD Bath Bombs is good for skincare use in treating dry skin, acne breakouts, eczema, and psoriasis. It is also effective for sore muscles, inflammation, and stress.

Jacquie Aiche x We Are Leone Kimono

This comfortable, silky kimono has a Sweet Leaf tribe motif on the back–a perfect robe for that most-anticipated spa day with buffs or with one’s hubby at home.  The cannabis emblem at the back will remind your friend to stay cool and relaxed.

Lord Jones Limited Edition Mother’s Day Gumdrops

These luscious apricot gummies are guaranteed to deliver a calm sense and well-being with the delicate tart flavor and sweetness of apricot with a hint of rose for a delightful sensation in the palate. And, they are elegantly-wrapped in a limited edition rose-colored box capped with a handmade paper flower corsage so you don’t have to pay extra on the gift wrap.

CBD May Decrease Damages Caused by Marijuana


CBD has been widely used these days because of its health benefits, some even lauded the substances as the ‘miracle cure’ that all of us are dreaming of. A recent study may add more knowledge to support this claim.

In a research led by researchers from the University College of London (UCL) claimed that CBD may lower brain impairment caused by THC in marijuana. Previous studies theorized that THC is linked to addiction and cannabis-induced psychosis.

“Over the last two decades, rates of addiction and psychosis linked to cannabis have been on the rise, while at the same time stronger strains of cannabis with more THC and less CBD have become increasingly common. We have now found that CBD appears to buffer the user against some of the acute effects of THC on the brain,” said the study’s lead author, Dr. Matt Wall (UCL Clinical Psychopharmacology Unit and Invicro).

The study derives data from monitored brain activity using fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging)in comparing groups of people using different strains of cannabis. The researchers would then found out how cannabis impact brain function. The strains kept equal levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) but varied the levels of CBD. One used higher levels of CBD while the other used high-strength cannabis commonly known as skunk with very low levels or negligible levels of CBD.

It was found that the low-CBD strain affected the brain’s default mode, particularly on its functional connectivity in the posterior cingulate area and salience networks. The high-CBD strain has minimal disruption in these regions. These results suggest that CBD acts as a ‘buffer’ that counteracts some of the harmful effects of THC.

“As cannabis is becoming legal in more parts of the world, people buying cannabis should be able to make an informed decision about their choice of cannabis strain and be aware of the relative risks,” Dr. Wall said.

If one would use the World Health Organization’s definition of ‘psychoactive’, yes, CBD fits the criteria. However, it is non-intoxicating even in higher concentrations. A 2017 report from the WHO distinguished THC as a substance that ‘can impair people’s cognitive performance and psychomotor abilities.’ On the other hand, studies reported that CBD has no harmful effects even in high doses.

This difference can be explained by how CBD and THC work on our body’s endocannabinoid system. THC activates CB1 receptors in our brain that induces feelings of euphoria, relaxation, anxiety and the impairment of short-term memory. CBD, on the other hand, is a CB1 antagonist, which blocks or modulates THC’s intoxication effects. In other words, CBD decreases the negative side effects of THC such as anxiety and paranoia.

To those who are afraid of getting high using CBD, a study suggested that our brain requires at least ‘1,000 joints’ of a genetically modified CBD-marijuana for a person to get high. And to get high, one only needs a very low dose of THC. There is a downside in this statement as this may also imply that CBD may offer limited clinical benefits.  For now, no one knows as most studies in CBD are done in mice and other laboratory animals.

Is THC entirely bad? The answer would be no. In fact, it is used among patients suffering from depression and seizures, under a doctor’s supervision who can prescribe the right dosage for a patient.  But those who are experiencing paranoia and psychosis induced by THC, the recent study may give hope to their case. And, who knows in the future, new CBD drugs will be used in decreasing the damages of THC felt by marijuana users. One may also question what reaction will be produced if THC and CBD are combined in one drug. For now, more clinical trials are initiated and needed to come up with better CBD drugs that hopefully, can help patients with marijuana-induced mental illnesses.

CBD in Florida: What You Should Know


Are you a resident of Florida who wants to try the goodness of CBD? Or, are you just on vacation in the sunny state and want to relax with CBD products? Buying CBD in Florida is just a walk in the park. It is because the state has medical marijuana programs since 2016. In 2018, CBD shops and dispensaries are all over the state, and there are more than 1000 medical marijuana doctors who can give you excellent advice on what product suits your condition.

Is CBD Legal In Florida?

As said before, yes, CBD oil is legal in Florida Like other states who made CBD legal, Florida allowed the selling and production of the substance as long as its THC level does not go over 0.3%, a percentage that will not cause you a high. Still, you can get higher levels of THC (as high as 0.5%) in the state as long as they are derived from hemp, which has lower concentrations of THC than marijuana. You can buy these kinds of CBD as over-the-counter supplements. To be sure that you can get CBD, you need to produce legal and medical requirements to be granted access to CBD oil with a significant amount of THC, in a legal way.

What products contain high concentrations of CBD with high quality?  

If you are planning to buy high-grade CBD oil you can buy it both in a CBD shop or in a website selling CBD products. You just have to be smart in reading product descriptions. It is said that most low-quality CBD hemp oils advertised in malls and in vape shop windows may have very few therapeutic effects and lower nutritional value. This is because CBD oil from these products come from hemp seeds which actually do not contain any CBD. Thus, it is better not to invest your money on products with hempseed oil. Go for products that have CBD content that comes from the plant’s flowers, leaves, stem and stalk of fully-mature hemp plants. Plus, they should undergo CO2 methods of extraction and should be bought from a reputable online CBD manufacturer.

Are CBD products with higher concentrations of THC available for all?

It was through the enactment of Amendment 2 in 2016 that made medical marijuana legal and free to almost anybody of legal age and with an MMJ card. However, medical marijuana doctors may have their own biases and will only grant permission to obtain CBD with higher concentrations of CBD to terminally ill patients previously diagnosed with cancer, muscle spasms. Patients who are diagnosed to have no more than a year to live may also be given more priority. Currently, there are five facilities in Florida where these kinds of CBD can be purchases. So far, 30,000 registered patients have also been granted to obtain high-CBD strains.

Will CBD still be legal in Florida in the future?

Most likely, yes. Florida has always been one of the easiest ways to buy CBD oil and other products and this trend may continue in the future. However, one must be aware of changes in laws regulating marijuana and hemp. In a recent hearing,  Federal Drug Administration Director Scott Gottlieb said that it may take some time for the FDA to figure out hard and fast rules in regulating these chemicals. On April 2, the FDA announced the presence of a working group that will find out how to regulate CBD. The announcement came out in the midst of a heated issue concerning three online shopping sites closed down as it used marketing in selling CBD particularly using “egregious and unfounded claims that are aimed at vulnerable populations.”